What is a lace closure

A lace closure is normally a 4x4 piece of lace with hair knotted into each micro sized whole which measures from temple to temple. It can be used to complete a flawless installation and could be styled with 3 different parting options. 

  • middle part
  • free part
  • 3 part 

Also can come in a 5x5 or a 6x6 which has more parting space. 

Used to protect natural hair by preventing leave out for getting damaged while styling. 

What is a lace frontal? 

A lace frontal measures from ear to ear. Comes in sizes 13x4 which is standard and 13x6 which offers a little more space. 

What is raw hair? 

Raw hair is hair that comes from one donor and has all cuticles fully intact. It has not been altered in anyway. 

What is 100% virgin hair? 

This is hair that had not been chemically treated. Some hair may have been steamed processed to create textures and cuticle remains intact. 

What is virgin hair? 

Virgin hair is hair that has been chemically processed to create textures yet hair cuticles stay intact. 

What does machine weft mean? 

Machine wefted hair has been sewn with a sewing machine to create more sturdy wefts with minimal shedding after cutting the wefts. 

What is steam processing? 

Steam process is a non-chemical process used to add curly textures to virgin hair usually hand rolled with various sizes rollers and then placed in a machine that steams the hair. 

How long do lace closures last?

Lace closures last anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on how you care for it without needing a retouch. *Please note that the lace is delicate so over styling or brushing can result in balding. If balding occurs you will need a new closure. 

How long do lace frontals last? 

Lace frontals can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks without a touch up. Are normally installed with glue or tape on hairline but can also damage the hairline of not applied properly or taken care of. Allows for hairline to be customized with baby hairs or not, if preferred. *Please note that the lace is delicate so over styling and brushing could result in balding. If balding occurs you will need to replace with a new frontal.